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All you need to know about Exhibitions. An Exhibition stall, basically, is displaying of a collection of products, falling under same category, in an organized manner. An exhibition can include art, skills or products. It can occur in galleries, museums, exhibition halls or World\'s fairs. Also, both individuals as well as businesses take part in the exhibitions to exhibit their skills or products and attain their goals. Exhibition stall design can be both temporary and permanent. But, generally, they are temporary in nature. They are usually scheduled for a particular period, with specific opening and closing dates. They can vary from an extremely large event, that is World\'s fair display, to smaller solo-artist shows or presentation of only a single product. Exhibitions, as a concept is quite wide. Broadly, they are classified into two categories- COMMERCIAL EXHIBITIONS: The intention of such exhibitions is to captivate the buyers and sell the products that are being presented. NON-COMMERCIAL EXHIBITIONS: These type of exhibitions are simply organized for showcasing and for the appreciation of talents and skills. They can be further classified into museums, art, trade, consumer and interpretive exhibitions. Museum- It is concerned with the conservation of a collection of artifacts and other objects that are of artistic, historical,cultural or scientific importance. It is a non-commercial type of exhibition stall fabricators and can be both permanent or temporary in nature. The items in a museum are exhibited for public viewing and to provide them with adequate knowledge of those items. It’s main aim is to care for it’s collection from any damage or from being lost. Art exhibitions- It includes various forms of human creations, that is, paintings, drawings, crafts, sculptures, interactive art, performances, video installations, etc. This can include works of a single artist or a group and It can depict a particular genre, a theme or a collection. Art exhibitions can be both commercial and non-commercial.The commercial art exhibitions display the artworks of new artists, who can sell their work once it gets recognized. Whereas, the non-commercial art galleries display the artworks of well-known artists that are available to the public. Trade exhibitions- It is an event where different companies of a particular industry present their latest products and services. The companies also get an advantage to attain the interest of other companies, study their rivals and to examine the opportunities. It is commercial in nature. Also, only few trade fairs are open to public. Otherwise, they are attended by the company representatives or the members of the press. Consumer exhibitions- These are of an big advantage to the companies, wherein they can expose their products and services to the general public. The theme of such exhibition can be set with a perspective of attracting a particular type of an audience (mothers or youngsters), or can display just a specific type of a product or service (Car shows). The main of such exhibitions is to grab the attention of the public to purchase the products and services being displayed. Interpretive exhibitions- It is a type of exhibition where there is a need to explain the displayed items in detail. It, generally, includes the exhibitions that display history or science, where it is necessary to provide the explanation of the concepts and background. Apart from the above classification, exhibitions can again be of a certain type based on the venue. While many exhibitions take place at a particular venue, there are some that are displayed in different locations and are known as travelling exhibitions. There are also another type, which is online exhibitions. These are of a huge advantage not only to the displayers, but also to the viewers. The viewers can have access to the information anytime and anywhere. There is no bar to the opening and closing of the exhibition, as online exhibitions are accessible 24/7. But, why exhibit? Exhibitions are a good and powerful tool for marketing. They are beneficial for both the sellers and buyers. Where sellers can gain incomes by selling their products and services in such events, buyers can also enjoy the advantage of comparing different brands and services and make the best suitable choice at the same place. The sellers get a chance to grow their consumers, whereas the buyers get a huge variety to make a choice. The visitors are always excited to know about the products and services being exhibited. So, the sellers/presenters gain an opportunity to have face-to-face dealings with a wider range of customers. Exhibiting, by a firm, can help it grow the sales, acquire new customers and also take benefit of the opportunity by introducing new products and services. Things to keep in mind before exhibiting. Exhibitions do provide lot of benefits. It is a way through which one can display their products to a huge amount of customers. The customers on the other hand also get a chance to experience of the products and services first hand. But to actually get the most out of them, the exhibitors should know certain things that makes a good exhibit. While a lot of exhibitors that attract huge crowds, there are some that are unable to. Following are some tips that can help the exhibitors to get the maximum out of their exhibitions: Set Objectives- Exhibitors should know their motive and set their goals that they wish to achieve from the exhibition. The exhibitor should be clear with the aim. Venue- The exhibitors should select the right type of exhibitions that will be most suitable for their products and services and the exhibitions that will help them grab the most suitable customers. Staff- The staff on the exhibition stalls play the most vital role. They are the ones that deal with the customers at an immediate level. So, the staff should be provided with the necessary training, so as to attract more customers. Marketing Strategy- Be it small level exhibitors or vice versa, any one can achieve their goals in exhibitions through an accurate marketing strategy. Marketing the products and services appropriately is always important in making the exhibitions a success. Advertising and media- For more visitors, exhibitors should advertise sufficiently about the exhibition and the products and services to be displayed. The exhibitors should also invite the journalists, so that they can be reachable to the masses. Exhibition stall can prove to be a beneficial step for any company or an individual to grow and spread their products and services to a greater range of people. Every exhibitor should follow up correct measures of exhibiting and try to to make most out of them.

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